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As a child, the kitchen was the center point 
of all our gatherings.  My fondest memories 
of Sunday afternoons were in 
my Grandmother's kitchen.

Just taking in all the wonderful aromas of baking, cheeses, sauces, and the sounds of laughter, conversation and instruction from my Grandmother while preparing the family Sunday dinner.

It was just like yesterday, when my Aunt Betty was making handmade pasta with my Grandmother or preparing the dough to make one of her wonderful Biscotti or Italian desserts for after dinner,
 and of course, for all of us to take home.

My Mother, along with my Aunts, were busy chatting and making homemade sausage and baking breads while enjoying a glass of wine with the background entertainment of my Grandfather playing the mandoline, the boys playing cards, the older men discussion family business, & the younger children playing in the big back yard amongst the
 orange, mango and fig trees. 

The "sauce" as we call it, sent aromas of fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic and herbs into the air while  simmering on the stove while the older girls grated cheese or prepared the very long table to accomodate everyone, young and old, so we can all eat together.

​My Grandmother would say one word  "Mangia" - Eat- 
 and we were there.  And did we ever eat- while listening to our favorite tenor, Mario Lanza,
 on the record player.

In my desire to keep the family tradition
 throughout the generations, 
Old World Market Company was created in 2007
 to share these wonderful recipes of the "Old Country" 
through traditional Italian baked goods for you to share with family and friends.

​May these treats made with love and fond memories capture your own with every bite.
"Sharing our family tradition of 
Old World recipes
 for you to enjoy 
with family & friends"
My Grandmother's Kitchen