Old World Market Company

Aunt Betty's Biscotti is a 3rd generation recipe handed down by my Grandmother Roselli of Tocco da Casuaria in the
 province of Pescara, Abbruzo, Italy.  My Aunt Betty enjoyed baking alongside her mother and has shared 
these delicious recipes with me.  Now, I offer them to you 
to enjoy with family & friends.

Delicious, bakery quality Biscotti
individually wrapped to maintain its freshness
Each approximately 5" long and twice baked to a delicate crunch.
No need to dunk these delicious biscotti to enjoy.  Each light textured biscotti offer a flavor for every taste
 to have anytime as dessert, breakfast or snack. 
 Only the finest ingredients are used to produce these tasty treats.
The "Original"  Pignoli Anise

Cranberry Almond Orange
Lemon Walnut

Totally Toffee
Razz Dazzle Me Chocolate
Baci di Cioccolata
Caffe Amaretto
Baked with natural Anise &
 toasted Pignoli nuts
Sun-dried Cranberries and toasted Almonds 
with a zest of orange
Lovely Lemon flavor with chopped Walnuts & zest of Lemon
Dark Chocolate with natural Raspberry flavor
& dark chocolate chips
  Real Toffee baked right in
 with a sweet Almond flavor topped with Toffee crunch
A "Kiss"  of Chocolate. Dark Chocolate 
with dark chocolate chips
Amaretto flavor, toasted Almonds
 & Espresso

Aunt Betty's Biscotti is individually wrapped
 to guarantee freshness and topped with 
vanilla or chocolate drizzle.
A Flavor For Every Taste!
Aunt Betty's Biscotti